RKL Controls

RKL pinch valves are the result of more than 40 years of evolving engineering technology based on a simple but effective flow control principle. A molded, flexible sleeve is combined with a simple, direct action mechanism that closes the valve from jamming action. The flow shut-off is leak-proof because it does not contain a valve seal or stuffing box seal that could leak. The opening ensures that the valve operates properly under all conditions and allows precise damper operation.
A wide range of sizes, designs, flanged sleeve (sleeve) materials and actuator types enable control of media flow in virtually any industrial application, remaining reliable in harsh environments such as:

– corrosive and abrasive sludge environments,
– chemicals,
– medical waste,
– hydrocarbons and petrochemicals,
– air-permeable materials,
– high-temperature liquids (up to 400 degrees F),
– food and pharmaceuticals.

RKL pinch valves are created through well-established technological know-how and establish Red Valve.’s reputation as a global manufacturer of pinch valves subjected to detailed quality control.

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