Red Valve

Red Valve was founded in 1953, and from its very first order – to invent a way to control the flow of carbon slurry in the world’s first pipeline of its kind – the company has been manufacturing valves for the most demanding applications. More than 60 years after its founding, it is the largest manufacturer of pinch valves in the world, setting standards in the market and supplying customers worldwide, a preferred supplier to municipalities and wastewater treatment plants.
Red Valve’s valves are successfully used in chemical and paper industries, power plants, cement plants, mines and refineries, etc.
Their high quality is due, on the one hand, to the tremendous experience of the staff and the use of simple, proven solutions combined with high-end materials and small improvements that make a huge difference. Thus, for example, the open body of the pinch valve allows for quick detection of leaks and quick replacement of the rubber flange. Thus, time and money are saved, as only the rubber element needs to be replaced and the much more serious consequences of undetected leakage are prevented.

The company’s offerings include:

  • compression valves type A, Miniflex, A Megaflex, 9000
  • manual pinch valves series 70 and 75
  • control valves series 5200, 5200E and 5400
  • Tideflex valves of the duckbill type
  • check valves of the 33, 39 and 39F series
  • G and D series knife gate valves, Flexgate
  • pressure sensors

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