Piab is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for vacuum transport of powders and bulk materials. This type of transport is largely used for food, pharmaceutical and chemical products, which makes Piab’s products made of high quality for various industries

Piab has specialized in the design and manufacture of equipment and components for the generation and use of vacuum to meet the needs of medical technology, pharmaceuticals, glassworks, food, metal, wood and paper industries….

The company offers:

  • vacuum pumps
  • vacuum suction pads
  • vacuum transport systems

The hallmark of the company’s products is their tremendous modifiability and innovation, making it possible to significantly save on electricity costs, reduce the consumption of compressed air and speed up transportation and production.
So why not consider upgrading the solutions you use?

http://www.vacuumsystem.polinski.com.pl  – here you can read more about piFLOW products

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