Koganei’s foundation is based on the pursuit of quality, trust and customer satisfaction. In other words, Koganei provides safe, reliable and satisfying pneumatics products and services to customers by displaying products and services from the customer’s perspective and point of view, and this customer orientation is the basis of all activities. Koganei has achieved ISO9001 certification, however, they are effectively and continuously conducting activities to improve product quality.

Koganei pneumatics products offered:

  • pneumatic actuators
  • electric actuators
  • Rotary actuators
  • linear actuators
  • pneumatic valves
  • compressors
  • air filters
  • vacuum pumps
  • speed controllers and others

Koganei Pneumatics is renowned for its high quality products.

For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

Koganei pneumatic valves: include direct-drive solenoid valves, explosion-proof solenoid valves, solenoid control support, water removal and check valves or proportional valves.

Koganei electric actuators: slide actuator, rotary actuator, manual actuator.

In our offer you will find products such as the following but also many more:

KSHE8 x 15C, KSHJ 12X10-01 ,KSHJ 16X15-01,KSHJ 6×4-01, CS9HB, 110-4E2-39-J62-52W, DC24V, 203-4E2, 240-4E1-39-36W, A040-4E1-PSL-3W, MF600, MF600-03, F600-03, JAZ-PC3 , DAL 20x25A, NSA 10×5, NSA 6×5, NDA 16×10, BDAL 16×15, NDA 16×30, NDA 16×7.5-261W, DAB20X25-2-A-W#38, DA20X50, MRGH 25×350, DAB32x10-4, DABC32x10-4, DAB50x10-2, ORV 50X1550, PBDAS 16×45-7, PBDAS 16×75-7, PBDA 16×15-A, PBDA 16×30-7, PBSA 6×15, PBTA 10×15, CHR-12, NHBDP-25, RAPS 5-90, TBDA 10X10, E-60M, M071003, 030-4E1 DC24V, 180-4E1-AC100V, 180-4E1-57W, A113-4E2-13-25/DC24V , A113-4E2-14-25/DC24V, F10T2-R-A1-PN/DC24V, JA10A5-PS

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