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John Guest company is one of the leading manufacturers of components for quick plug connections such as connectors, quick couplings, pipes and other components necessary for the construction of compressed air, water and sanitary, heating and ceiling cooling systems. Our cooperation dates back more than a dozen years, and the compressed air installations we build are based precisely on John Guest’s products

Founded in the 1950s, this company is now one of the leading manufacturers, distributing its products worldwide. Based on a wealth of experience, John Guest offers products with optimized quality standards, and through constant research and investment in new technologies, the manufacturer ensures that it remains competitive in the global market.

A wide range of high-quality John Guest quick-connectors and pipes made of various types of plastics for the transportation of air and liquids.

The PM product series is designed for metric pipes, which are used in pneumatic and vacuum installations in industry. The ideal purpose of these connectors is to transport liquids, air and other gases. John Guest’s PM series connectors are made of black acetal copolymer with a nitrile gasket that can be used for food products.

PI series products are used for inch pipes with diameters from 4 mm to 12.7 mm. This series of products is made of acetal copolymer in gray color and a gasket designed for food products. The intended use of these plug-in connectors is in the food industry, such as the transportation of drinking water. They are also used for pneumatic, vacuum and non-flammable gas installations.

John Guest provides transition adapters from metric to inch pipes and connections of individual standard series to each other. Any compressed air installation is built on John Guest connectors is guaranteed to be expandable through the use of a modular system.

Plug connections for pneumatic connections are equipped with “Super Thread” sealing is the only sealing that allows plug fittings with external threads to be connected with various types of internal threads. This technology in brass fittings can be used for BSP and conical parallel threads and NPT, PT, PF metal threads. The seal specified with John Guest’s “Super Thread” can be used repeatedly (unscrewed and screwed). This connection is found in couplings, ferrules, elbow and straight couplings, caps and reducing couplings.

The LM product series is designed for miniature pneumatic applications. Used for plastic and metal pipes in the “Super Thread” sealing design ideal for plastic and metal pipes.

Polyethylene (LLDPE) tubing – metric and inch
Used for many years in various fields and applications, they have performed excellently. They are extremely resistant to temperature, pressure, vibration, impact, corrosion and material aging processes. They are relatively lightweight so they are ideal for building pneumatic systems using John Guest quick connectors.

Polyamide 12 (PA 12) pipes
The wide use of polyamide pipes has allowed the use of manufacturer John Guest pipes in almost any conditions. Tests and installations working on John Guest pipes and couplings confirm the quality of the product. Compatibility with couplings and quick couplings allows convenient construction of pneumatic, air systems. Pipes are available in two types soft PA (supplied in a roll) and rigid PA (supplied in bars). Do not use with foodstuffs.

Aluminum Pipe (15-28mm)
Aluminum pipes for compressed air systems are coated with a special coating that protects against corrosion. These pipes are designed for dry compressed air and vacuum installations, and are designed with John Guest fittings for easy, quick and pleasant installation.

The John Guest “Speedfit” compressed air tubing system is designed with the user/installer in mind. It provides installation of the entire structure without the use of tools. However, it is recommended to use the services of experienced installers who are well acquainted with the procedures for preparing pipes for installation. This is especially important for compressed air installations, where there is pressure inside. Proper preparation of pipes, the selection of diameters and the course of the installation affect the quality of connections at John Guest joints.
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