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ControlAir Inc. is a U.S.-based leading manufacturer of precision air pressure regulators, current I/P air pressure transducers, voltage E/P air pressure transducers, air relays, air amplifiers, air filter regulators and air cylinder regulators and diaphragms.

The devices offered are:

  • Electronic air pressure controllers
  • Current air pressure transmitters I/P
  • Voltage air pressure transducers E/P
  • Pressure air transducers P/I
  • Precision pressure regulators
  • Current pressure transducers
  • Voltage pressure transducers
  • Pneumatic amplifiers
  • Pressure regulators with pneumatic input
  • Air filter regulators
  • Pressure regulators with pneumatic input
  • Pressure regulators with drive
  • Pressure regulators for air or other gas cylinders
  • Frictionless diaphragm air cylinders
  • Liquid level measurement systems

ControlAir offers highly professional and technologically advanced equipment for companies that require excellent service and outstanding technical support for air and gas pressure control applications.

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