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Beko Technologies is a company founded by Berthold Koch in 1982. The company is headquartered in Neuss, Germany, with production factories spread over several countries: Germany, USA, India, China. Their worldwide distribution network allows them to reach every customer with products that are of a high level of quality, making them a leader in condensate removal and separation equipment. Beko is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Beko manufactures all kinds of products related to condensate drainage and separation. Our cooperation with this brand makes us able to select the best solution for any compressed air treatment process. Advice and effective cooperation will guarantee safety and efficiency as well as economical and ecological condensate treatment equipment. The experience and quality of the products is supported by sales of more than 4 million BEKOMAT condensate drains.

The needs of Beko’s customers are treated as the driving force, and all appliances are designed to meet the requirements and needs of customers. Perfect matching of the parameters of the appliances for the installations ensures safe and long operation, and ease of installation is put at the highest level so that the customer always gets the right solution for him.

BEKOMAT – condensate drainage

Any compressed air treatment process produces condensate containing oil with dirt particles, which spreads throughout the compressed air system. The BEKOMAT device makes it possible to electronically control the level of treatment and adjust the air quality to the needs of the plant. The intelligent condensate drain is able to adjust itself to the amount of contaminants, also prevents air loss, and keeps costs and energy consumption at the lowest level.
Major well-known compressor manufacturers rely on BEKOMAT to ensure safe and economical condensate drainage.

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