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In order to meet your expectations, we started cooperation with the American company Numatics and became its sales partner on the Polish market. – more information about our offer

Firma Numatics

is the world’s leading manufacturer of pneumatics and motion control products- started in 1945 under the slogan and its motto is “We are wherever you want us to be.” In 1952, it was the first to design and manufacture pneumatic valves that have an endurance of more than 200 million cycles.

In its product range you can find : actuators, valves, air preparation units, filters and other pneumatic accessories which you can find on our website.

Numatics is a leading manufacturer in the field of pneumatics. With a wide and diverse customer base, the company has developed a stock of products and components, which has had a significant impact on innovation in the pneumatics market. The company’s history has been filled with innovative solutions and technological breakthroughs since 1945, the year it was founded. Hard work has brought each project to perfection in order to achieve the name of a company that is solid and reliable in fulfilling the tasks assigned to it.

The Company’s goal is to strive for excellence, which consists of the best solutions at economical prices. For example, the introduction of the 2005 and 2012 Valve Series with advanced integral fieldbus electronics became a starting point for the industry. Today, confirmation of the strong position in the pneumatic market are the product categories that Numatics specializes in selling are linear and rotary motion assemblies, valves, air preparation assemblies and other pneumatic accessories. In addition, thanks to a huge number of representatives, the Company is at the disposal of customers from all over the world. – Numatics is always there wherever you need it!

Guarantee of quality and high standards To remain a technological leader in an ever-evolving industry, Numatics strives for excellence through guarantees of the best quality and investment in high-tech machinery. It continues to improve production by selecting the right people and tools, and the shortest possible product delivery time. Thanks to its computerized database, it has the ability to respond quickly to an inquiry or order from a customer.

Nowadays, with companies competing among themselves for customers, any under-performance of an offer is unacceptable. Based on this conviction, we make every effort to be the best company in our industry, whose customers are satisfied with the services offered to them, the necessary assistance in this regard is what we get from Numatics We offer our customers the best solutions at a competitive price.

Numatics – Innovation and quality make a difference

Numatics GmbH is a manufacturer in the pneumatics industry boasting high performance, as well as numerous subsidiaries and distributors around the world.

We can provide you with all the advice, solutions and products to meet all your pneumatics needs.

We offer pneumatic valves with or without fieldbus control, pneumatic actuators, air preparation units and accessories.

What makes Numatics different from others?

Many manufacturers think they are innovative companies, but this, Numatics has proven its innovation. Since its founding in 1945, Numatics has distinguished itself from its competitors as a leading technological leader in the industry.

Example #1:

Patented technology for slow-wearing and self-cleaning coils and caps, so that they do not deteriorate even after 200 million cycles. This technology was invented by Numatics in 1952, and to this day no one has invented a better one.

Example #2:

Modern technology applied to the connections allows the valve to be mounted to the cap, which automatically connects it to electricity eliminating external wiring. Today this is standard in the industry, but it was Numatics that invented this solution.

Example #3:

Complex pressure regulators, through which the pressure for each valve can be adjusted at the inlet and outlet. Of course, this is another invention of Numatics.In the meantime, they have become the standard throughout the industry.

Example #4:

A valve island with a maximum of 164 inputs and outputs, which is what makes Numatics’ communication modules such unique products in the world of pneumatics.

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