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In addition to commercial activities, the company also provides a range of services mainly related to compressed air: service of screw compressors and design and construction of compressed air installations.

We select, as well as apply vacuum transport systems for various types of media such as sugar.

Qualified and experienced staff

The scope of our business includes: pneumatics, automation, industrial fittings and vacuum technology and air or gas compressors.

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Polinski AMT Sp. z o.o. has been operating uninterruptedly since 1985 on the Polish and global market, as a partner and sales representative of renowned manufacturers of parts, components and machinery.

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Credibility and professionalism

According to the opinion of many outlets for evaluating operating companies in the world and in Poland, especially Info Veriti, we have consistently very high credibility, which makes us a serious partner for the largest companies in Poland and the world.

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Customer reviewsWe strive to be the best company in our industry.


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